COVID-19 Update

Coronavirus COVID-19 Key Worker status information 




Important information during this difficult time.

Capricorn Group Holdings is in a strong position and well placed to maintain high provisions of security services. If you require any security services in this period please do not hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to meet your requirements. We are very proud of all our officers who are showing strong leadership, agility and resilience in close collaboration with our clients.

Please see below the latest update from Ian Todd, CEO – Security Industry Authority, on key worker status for the private security.

Key worker status for the private security industry.
At this time I am able to confirm that the current definition of key worker DOES include regulated (licence holding) security professionals, essential to national infrastructure, operating in critical roles.
To prioritise pressure on the schools system, it does NOT extend to all licence holders. It is role dependent.
Government advice is to stay at home whenever possible. It is to keep your children at home whenever possible – even if you are a key worker. If, and only if, you are undertaking a role critical to the nation’s COVID-19 response, which you can only do by accessing the school system and/or travelling, should you do so as a key worker.

It seems to me that this definition covers, amongst other areas, security provision in hospitals; social care; courts; government estate; supermarkets and the food supply chain; the transport network; national infrastructure and utilities to name but a few. If you are providing essential security to a service which itself remains critical and functioning, which attracts key worker status, then you are likely to be covered. If in doubt, check with whoever contracts for your services.

As such, not every role under health, education or any of the other headings will be covered. You will all need to apply judgement, with the aim of minimising social contact where possible. The words to focus on are ‘necessary’, ‘critical’ and ‘essential’, otherwise please stay at home and minimise the transmission risks for the benefit of your health, your families, the general public and the NHS.


These are unprecedented times, which we will only get through by working together.



Capricorn Security Group Ltd are a fully-licensed, accredited contractor for the provision of Security Guarding, Door Supervision, Close Protection and Key Holding. We are fully compliant with Health & Safety regulations and we are also a Verified member of the Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme.