Job Title:

SIA Security Officer for McDonalds Manchester City Centre

Vacancy Type:

Permanent part-time

Vacancy Location:

Town: Manchester City Centre
County: Greater Manchester
Postcode: M1 1LY


Per hour

SIA Security Officer for McDonalds Manchester City Centre

Overview / Introduction:

We are recruiting an additional Security Officer to join our team currently working across fast-food restaurants in Manchester City Centre and have an opening to work part-time on a permanent contract, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 16:00 hours to midnight. The rate of pay is £12 per hour and you will also receive a complimentary meal, per shift.

What’s my Role?

• monitor entrance/exit and to control who enters the premises – ensuring all COVID-19 protocols are adhered to • remain friendly, professional, calm, and in control of every potential situation • be observant and aware of surroundings and vigilant for any altercations or disputes which may arise and resolve quickly and effectively • use problem-solving skills to settle any problems in a respectful manner • remove any customers who may get too rowdy • refuse entry to any persons who appear heavily intoxicated either by drink/drugs


Key Skills:

What experience should I have?

• experienced in the Security Industry, and able to make split-second decisions to help prevent overreactions and de-escalate any adverse situations which may arise. • familiar with safety protocols and aware of how to keep large groups of people safe, when to remove a person from the premises, and when it’s time to call for assistance and support. • extremely observant and aware of their surroundings • work in a professional manner at all times. • able to implement problem-solving skills to overcome any issues quickly and effectively • able to deal with situations in a robust way and be confident in your actions • hold a valid DS or CP SIA Licence

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