Reasons for Installing an Intruder Alarm System

If you are considering improving the security of your family or business property, an integral part of the process is to install an intruder alarm. There are numerous reasons to install a burglar alarm, especially since repeat burglaries are increasing due to a decline in police response. Here are a few primary benefits installing an […]

If you are considering improving the security of your family or business property, an integral part of the process is to install an intruder alarm. There are numerous reasons to install a burglar alarm, especially since repeat burglaries are increasing due to a decline in police response. Here are a few primary benefits installing an alarm system for your home or commercial property.

Protection for Your Family or Commercial Property

Commercial properties have always been a target for thieves, mainly because of the high value stock and equipment that is normally stored on the business premises. Often there can be long periods where there are no staff around to monitor activities, therefore a remote security alarm system must be installed to cover this vulnerable unprotected time. This will also apply to homeowners who may go away on holiday and leave their family property unoccupied.

An intruder alarm can be placed in a position to be highly visible to deter thieves and trespassers, which could deter a crime even before it happens.

A sophisticated burglar alarm will have many features, including motion sensors and other monitoring devices, which will sound an alarm, and could be set up to signal a remote response by the security company or the police.

Deter Burglaries and Vandalism on Your Premises

As a property owner you can deter vandals or thieves, or at least reduce the time window that they have to cause damage. Damage caused could include external or internal damage, which can lead to the business temporarily halting trade, delays in processing or customers negatively affected.

An intruder alarm, coupled with a CCTV security system, will sound an alarm and notify response units, to reduce the time available for damage or theft.

A Security System Can Provide Peace of Mind

In most circumstances, because intruders are aware the property may be empty, burglaries are done at night. This is the time when your property is most at risk. Intruder alarms can offer a level of protection and monitoring that will alert you to an event happening, and for a more sophisticated security system, signal support.

Intruder alarm monitoring will give the extra level of security to provide peace of mind your property is monitored. The alarm will usually signal the nominated keyholder and offer a security response. In addition, intruder alarms can be set up to give audible warning challenges via a tannoy system. This system is ideal for more rural properties.

An Alarm System Can Reduce Home and Commercial Insurance Premiums

Because you have installed an intruder alarm system, your home or business security will have been improved, and the risk of theft or vandalism reduced. This reduction in risk may lower your insurance premiums.  A monitoring system will enable other key individuals to be aware of the break-in and reduce false alarms. A cost analysis will determine if the insurance premium saving can offset the price of the security system installation.

An alarm system can also increase a homes value, as prospective buyers would like to feel safe and secure from day one of moving in.

A Security System Could Make It Easier for the Police to Catch and Charge a Criminal

If no security system is present, it is more likely that an intruder could gain access to your property undetected.

If an intruder alarm is fitted, combined with a CCTV solution, people in the immediate area would be notified an event was happening. This increases the likelihood that police will be notified to catch the intruder on the premises and perform an arrest.

Even if your staff are present, if a signal is triggered to request extra security support, your staff will be in a safer, less dangerous position, as experts in handling criminals will be on hand.

The Capricorn Intruder Alarm installations team are hugely experienced in the design and installation of a comprehensive suite of security systems. If you’d like to know how we can assist you in securing the safety of your family, staff and property, contact our friendly installations team today.

posted on December 17, 2020
by Capricorn Team

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